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Priority activities

Priority activities

Law on SEZ provides for the priority and auxiliary activities in the territory of SEZ.
Priority activity types are the activities that correspond to the objectives of the creation of the special economic zone for which the special legal regime of the special economic zone is to be extended.

Auxiliary activities are the activities that are necessary to ensure the activity of the SEZ members, carried out by persons who are not members of the SEZ on its territory.

Decree of the President defines nine priority activities of SEZ «Khorgos – Eastern Gate»:

  • Warehousing and transportation activity;
  • Food production;
  • Leather and related products manufacturing;
  • Textiles production;
  • Other non-metallic mineral production;
  • Chemicals and chemical production;
  • Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment;
  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified;
  • Construction of buildings for exhibitions, museums, warehouses and office buildings.