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Flow direction

The Special Econimic Zone «Khorgos – Eastern Gate» with total area of 4,591.5 hectares is located in the East part of Panfilov region 10 km from Kazakh Chinese border  and divided into 3 areas:

  • Dry port operated by JSC «KTZE – Khorgos Gateway», where the rail interchange (transshipment) between narrow and wide rail gauges is operated - 128.8 ha
  • Logistics zone for warehouse development – 224.9 ha
  • Industrial zone – 224.4 ha

The whole area is a bonded area.
It is supported by the gigantic infrastructure of the western China Western Europe highway, 8,000 km highway that starts in Lianyungang and that ends up in Europe. SEZ Khorgos is also linked with rail that can connect with any major destination in China, Central Asia and Europe.

With its strategic location, in the middle between China central Asia and Europe, with its rail and road connectivity, SEZ Khorgos will become the main distribution and industrial hub that will connect in less than 10 days the 183 million inhabitants of the Eurasian Economic Union, and the 750 millions inhabitant of Europe.