• Industrial zone - 224 ha
  • Logistics zone - 225 ha
  • Dry port - 129 ha

Industrial zone - 224 ha

In the industrial zone, end users of a number of industries will be located, while objects of the agricultural and food industries, light industry for the production of leather and fur raw materials for primary processing, heavy industry for the production of metal products, as well as objects for assembling machinery and equipment will be located.

Logistics zone - 225 ha

A large area adjacent to the dry port / railway freight terminal is reserved for the logistics zone. This facility includes a variety of wholesale warehouses, sales and storage bases located in different locations, in order to meet national, regional and international needs.

Dry port - 129 ha

The dry port is a multimodal logistics hub, which provide services for various cargo operations, such as: Car/Vehicle, General Cargo and container operations, Stuffing/De-stuffing Operation, Rail Load/Discharge Operation, Truck Handling &Other logistics services. Total Six railway tracks are laid in the Dry port, of which 3 along the narrow Chinese track and balance three are for CIS & European standard. It complies with international standards for ports Operations in terms of operating procedure, Safety Standard, Software and terminals.

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